Friday, January 11, 2008

Construction Site

Beware of my blog site right now, it is in the process of receiving a facelift! Not by my choice, I was just trying to change the background and deleted alot of what I had on accident. So be patient and check back soon for more updates! Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jammin' out

So I just had to throw these hot shots on too! We had such a blast doing "The Rock Band" at my family party! I pretty much fail out every time on the drums, but Frank is pretty dang good at the guitar! Maybe he should consider a career move. ha ha ha

Christmas Fun

Christmas morning was so much fun with the kids. Max got some dinosaurs and a tonka truck!
Cecilia is finally getting some teeth. Crooked teeth...but hey at least they're coming in! She LOVES her new ball popper!
Max the NINJA TURTLE! He was a little disapointed that it wasn't Leonardo, but we just had to convince him that Santa didn't have a Leonardo costume and then he was fine with Raphael!
Frank and Cici checking out what Santa brought her in her stocking!
Us at a family party....So much fun! My mom's entire side of the family was there except one uncle. It was so great to be with everyone!