Friday, May 30, 2008

funfilled day outside

We had quite the day on Wednesday. Max has been in a little preschool co-op with some of my friends and this was our last day, so we went to the little Willow Park Zoo and had a picnic and played at the park. Fun Fun!This is supposed to be a class picture. I love it because it really shows all of the kids personalities. Kids are too cute and funny! From left to right we have: Adeline, Libby, Max, Ian, and Alisi.

Cici LOVES the swing, especially when Adeline was pushing her. Thanks for your help Adeline!

Later in the afternoon we went up the canyon and brought smores and tin foil dinners with our friends Jess and Gary Wilkinson. The kids were having fun throwing rocks in the water with Frank. This has to be one of my favorite things about Logan...You can get up to a spot like this in a matter of 10 minutes from where we live.

The campfire crew. I can't wait to do this more often this summer!

Max biting into his smore creation. He had a lot of fun, and seriously was an awesome hot dog roaster...he had the rolling the stick thing down to a science!

So now I have a question for you...What are some toppings that you like to put in your tin foil dinners? Everyone makes them a little different and I am interested to hear some other options! p.s. ours were awesome Jess and Gary...thanks again!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Not getting any younger...

So yesterday, I turned 25. I know you're all probably thinking "oh my goodness she is still so young and she is already going to have three kids!" Don't worry those thoughts have crossed my mind too. I really wouldn't change it though. I love my little family and am so grateful for all that they do for me! Frank planned out with some of our neighbors to come over for cake and ice cream. Tayli made this cute 2 layer cake, and of course it was rainbow chip...I told my mom when I was younger that I wanted to have rainbow chip cake for every birthday until I'm a Grandma. Thanks to Frank for making me feel special and appreciated I love you!

Max and Cici sure enjoyed the cake! Max even picked some of his piece off of the floor and shoved it in his he wouldn't get any more. Funny kids!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Relaxing in Mexico

Frank and I had such a blast in Mexico! It was a much needed break after getting through school and football. We were finally able to spend some good quality time together without any distractions. It made me realize how important it is to focus on each other. It seems like everything we do day in and day out is focused around the kids. As fun as it was we sure missed our kids though...GO FIGURE! This first pic is us just waiting for our dinner reservation. The dinners were great, we had Italian, Mexican, and one night was steaks on the beach!
This is a view of one of the 4 pools we could swim in. This is mainly what Frank and I did...we would go hangout on the beach and in the ocean occasionally, but we were mainly hangin out at the pools. So fun! Everything was so well kept and beautiful.
We always went for a stroll on the beach after our dinner, a good way to work off those extra calories I guess. We just stopped some random local to take our pic. Franks Spanish came in handy quite a few times. P.S. My belly just keeps getting bigger everyday now...I'm wondering what I will look like by August.

Frank and I were eating at the buffet one night and all of the sudden all of these men walked in to add some culture to our dinner. They were great! The man on the very right was right by my head. We didn't stay much longer because it got REALLY loud, but it was cool!

Us waiting in the hotel lobby for the bus to pick us up and take us back to airport. It was a great break, but by this point we were pretty stoked to get back and see our kids. Thanks again to both of our families for pitching in to watch those crazy munchkins...I know they are a handful. Until our next break we'll enjoy the memories we just made!