Thursday, June 26, 2008

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1. My husband and kids…the way they love me! I really love every single hug and kiss. Priceless! Oh and did I mention their laughs and smiles…I’m a little obsessed.
2. Sitting on a beach with no agenda…just hangin’ out. PURE BLISS!
3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Haagen-Dazs ice cream.


1. Not a big fan of most reptiles. I think it’s mostly a texture thing, but they really kinda freak me out!
2. Losing one of my family members unexpectedly and/ or having to raise my family on my own. Don’t know what I would do without Frank…I really love every square inch of his big ol’ body!
3. Having some major complication with this pregnancy. I think everyone gets some kind of fear like this when their PREGO.
P.S. only like 6 weeks to go!


1. To raise my kids without any regrets. Time moves along quickly and I just don’t want to waste away any of my precious time with them. Easier said then done on some days, but I always try to keep this goal in the back of my head!
2. To attend the temple more often. I only live like 5 minutes away…what a blessing! I need to take advantage of it while we are still living in this area.
3. To beat Frank in a mile race! My goal right now is 6 months after I have the baby… we shall see.


1. Making sure my kids have clean clothes on. Some days I change Cici’s clothes like 3 or 4 times because I can’t stand seeing a messy shirt. This can make for a lot of laundry, but it’s worth it to me. Trust me they are totally normal kids and sometimes they sure look like ragamuffins!
2. Chapstick and lotion - don’t know what I would do without these necessities!
3. Bargain shopping. This is a good and bad habit all in one. If I see something on too good of a deal, I can always think of someone that could use it. Not saving me any money. I do have to say though…I’ve found some dang good deals! It would be fun to be someone’s personal shopper so it’s on their tab and not mine!


1. My little brother is getting married this summer and that completes my side of the family as far as in laws. Hopefully there will be plenty more nieces and nephews to come!
2. I’m a tigers blood and cream kinda girl when it comes to snow cones. Always have been and always will be!
3. Love, Love, Love the summer! Wish it were warm all year long.

Have a great day!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

my cute T-Ball boy!

Max is loving every minute of T-Ball. It's pretty cute to see a 3 year old get so into it. Most of his little teammates are 5 and 6, but he's catching on pretty quick. They play 3 innings where everyone on the team gets a turn to bat.
A quick shot before the game.

Up to Bat!

Watching the ball from the outfield. He stopped a grounder last night and threw it all the way to 1st from between 2nd and 3rd. He was SO happy! Keep it up Max...we love watching you!