Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful for THEM!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sweet things...

So I kind of have a lot of catching up to do. Let’s just say October was a rather difficult month and we are gettin’ through every day right now. A quick update on what’s been going on: Halloween is over, (YAY) oops did I say that out loud! I’m really not a huge fan, but all of the fall festivities have been enjoyable for the kiddies. Max was a vampire, Cici, snow white; and Samson, an overgrown frog! I think they dressed up for about 5 different events from story time at the library, to PARTIES, to preschool, to Trick or Treating etc. etc, so I was glad when Halloween night came to a close. Anyway, movin on to my title…I’ve just captured some really great moments in my brain lately and wanted to write them down so I will never forget them.

First, Frank…my sweetheart who works so hard to support our little family took some time out this past weekend to fill his wife’s “love tank”! (Five Love Languages) I was in tears and poured out my thoughts and concerns on him and he took action. I’ve just been feeling inadequate in every aspect of my life lately so Frank created an excel spreadsheet that we are going to laminate called “Our Plan of Happiness.” It has a schedule for me to fill in my spiritual, physical, mental and emotional needs. I am so happy that he did this for me. I asked him why he chose the “Our Plan of Happiness” title when it’s my schedule and he said, “When Mom’s happy everyone’s happy,”…SO TRUE! Thanks Babe…I sure love you!

Next, Max…not only did the boy turn 5, but he has melted my heart a couple times lately. We had a little Family Night lesson geared towards gratitude the other night and he said the sweetest thing. We were making a paper chain countdown to Thanksgiving about things that we are thankful for and one of his was, “I AM THANKFUL THAT WE ARE HAPPY IN OUR LIVES!” I loved it, so simple, pure and beautiful. If only I could think like a child again!

Moving on to Cici girl…she is now 3 as of Monday. I can’t believe it! I love that girl more than she’ll ever know. I feel so privileged to have her in our lives. Lately she’s been not wiping off her kisses so that I won’t get sad! Funny girl. I love love love her sweet voice…she’s becoming quite the conversationalist.

Last but definitely not least…Samson (AKA: Sammy boy, Chunksters, Babers etc. etc.) I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOY! He is someone special. I often wonder if his spirit is much older than mine. He is beyond close to walking, still does not have any teeth, but is happy anyway. He should win a snuggling contest…he lays his head on your shoulder, full on squeezes both sets of squishy fingers around you and pats your back. It’s the BEST! If you ever need a “pick me up” come on over!

I am SO grateful for these “sweet things” I’ve been blessed with in my life!

I’ve lost my camera…pictures to come soon! (thanks for those of you who have been snapping pictures for me while I’m finding mine)