Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday MAX!

The kids had such a great time at Max's little Halloween birthday party. Max is growing up so fast. He is currently obsessed with any kind of super hero and of course still LOVES playing any sport or game with a ball! Here are a few pics from his party.My mom was kind enough to dress up as a witch and read a few stories.
Max was kind of a mixture of X-men and Batman and Cici the princess!

of course...carnival games! It was music to my ears to hear all of those sweet kids laughing like crazy! Thanks again to all of you who helped out.

face painting, check out Frank's pumpkin. We joked that he should be strength coach by day and face painter at night!! ~ Good part time job :)

Pumpkin decorating. Check out those ScArY teeth!

Happy Birthday Max...we sure love you and appreciate all you do for our little family!

Just getting BiGGeR!

We just love our little "Fat Boy"

Check out all those squishies!

Best buddies! Max says he can't wait for Samson to grow up so that they can Box! WATCH OUT!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

5 years and Sam's new brace

Frank and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We didn't do much because we went to Mexico in May to celebrate. With a 2 month old you really can't do a whole lot. We went to Hamilton's for dinner and enjoyed a nice night out!What can I say? I LOVE him! I appreciate all that he does for our family. He is a great husband and father. So...5 down and eternity to go! Hopefully life just keeps getting better...I love you Frank!

Little Samson is officially out of the casting phase of his club foot. He has graduated to a bar brace! That thing is such a pain. He has to wear it for 3 straight months and then just at nights until he's one. I really shouldn't complain though because his foot will be good as new before he is even crawling or anything. Thank goodness for technology and research!

What a hard life! He is so tuckered out that he is drooling all down Frank's arm! :)

one more thing...I cut my hair, but don't have a pic coming soon!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Free and Fun

The other strength coaches wives and I had a great little get together the other night. We created an almost FREE craft project, so I thought I would share. My friend Jackie supplied almost the whole thing. I had a few things to throw into the pot like glitter spray, paint & brushes, and raffia. Anyway… this is what we did: (sidenote...mine is not hung up yet so that you can see it a little better in the picture)
1- Jackie had her husband cut up these wood scraps and then she primed them
2- Jackie went to the canyon and picked leaves and then put modge podge on them so that they will stay beautiful and shiny . (p.s. they need to dry overnight)
3- Then we got together and put our creativity to work. It was so fun to see how everyone’s turned out…they were all so unique. I wish I had pics of the others.
4- instead of ordering vinyl lettering Courtney came up with the genius idea of using sticks for the lettering. How appropriate for fall time…I loved it!
5- Anyway…everything is just hot glued on. So EASY! And it was a fun night out with the girls. Try it out with a few friends and see what you can create.
Close up of one of the sides...the leaves are so beautiful at this time of year!
And last but definitely not chunky boy turns 2 months old tomorrow. TIME FLIES!