Monday, November 26, 2007

Attempt #1 for Christmas Pictures...

Two days later I took them to Kiddie Kandids to try again, but I thought I would share these since I have them! I'm so excited for the Holiday Season!

Monday, November 19, 2007


I got tagged from my friend Sunny. So here goes my 6 things about me (Heather):

1- At a time in my life I was very into gymnastics and then after that I got into soccer. I was passionate about both! Now whenever I see something really neat at sporting events like when a record is broken or someone wins in double overtime I always get overwhelming emotions. I can’t control it…I start crying like a little kid. Frank kinda teases me because when he is sitting by me and I start crying he feels like people around us think we are fighting or something. Anyway…I can’t control it!

2- I am a total summer girl! I love Logan, but if I could choose I would live by the beach and have it be summer all year long! I would just come back to visit the winter for a vacation. When I get really cold I feel like it takes me 2 days to unthaw. FLORIDA here we come!

3- I LOVE eating dinner food in the morning and I really don’t like breakfast food for dinner. Seriously I would rather eat a bowl of pasta or soup at 7 in the morning than a bowl of cereal. I am definitely my mom’s girl! Also…my two favorite treats are black licorice toffee and a Dr Pepper (weird combo I know)!

4- I am kind of known as the “ICE BREAKER.” The reason for this title is kind of embarrassing…I am usually the first one to let a little toot out when we are with friends playing games. In other words making everyone else feel more comfortable to go ahead and do the same. It brings friendships to a whole different level!

5- Some things I like to do are: make cards, play games, read blogs, play with my kids, play soccer, talk with good friends and of course spend time with my wonderful husband! I also LOVE wrapping presents! I even dream about it. I know I know I’m a little nutty, but I really do love it, so if anyone needs a little help this Christmas give me a call I’d be happy to help!

6- I would love to go on a dream vacation to Tahiti some day! Hang out on the beach and watch the sunset…BEAUTIFUL! (someday)

That’s it for me, so here is a list of the people I am tagging: Mary Scoresby, Brit Bethers, Aleese Stewart, Crystal Hancey, Cami Groethe, and Ashlee Corrigan. YOU’RE IT!

p.s. Cici took her first 3 steps tonight walking from Frank to me! She’s such a cutie!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


YEA...The Aggies finally pulled off a win! It seemed like an awesome game, too bad I wasn't there to witness it. Max and I celebrated at home with cheers and high 5's as they beat New Mexico St 35-17. One more game to go and Frank is DONE! That is crazy to me, that's all we've known since we've been married. I have to say it will be nice to have more of a regular schedule though!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cheap Entertainment!

Okay so I was getting the kids ready for bed tonight, and after I changed Cici's damp diaper I put it on her head and let it fall off...she started busting up laughing. I wish I had the camera rolling because it went on for about 10 minutes with her and Max putting the diaper up and watching it fall off. They were both cracking up! So much for toys this about some used diapers? :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Max and his BEST BUDDY!

GO AGGIES! We will miss these days hangin' out with Big Blue. He really is the highlight of the game for Max! They always seem to find each other at every event!

Cici is One...with her One tooth!

Happy Birthday Cecilia! She just turned one on Nov. 9th. She is such a sweet girl, she always makes our day with this one tooth smile!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Loving Fall

I still can't believe that the weather is still nice enough in Logan that we can play outside! We've been taking advantage of it. We go out EVERYDAY! Max on his scooter and Cici in the stroller. Lately we've been going to this church parking lot so that Max can cruise around without any worries. He's hilarious...he always get's going really fast and says "Yeah Baby!...Go Baby!" Funny Boy!