Monday, November 19, 2007


I got tagged from my friend Sunny. So here goes my 6 things about me (Heather):

1- At a time in my life I was very into gymnastics and then after that I got into soccer. I was passionate about both! Now whenever I see something really neat at sporting events like when a record is broken or someone wins in double overtime I always get overwhelming emotions. I can’t control it…I start crying like a little kid. Frank kinda teases me because when he is sitting by me and I start crying he feels like people around us think we are fighting or something. Anyway…I can’t control it!

2- I am a total summer girl! I love Logan, but if I could choose I would live by the beach and have it be summer all year long! I would just come back to visit the winter for a vacation. When I get really cold I feel like it takes me 2 days to unthaw. FLORIDA here we come!

3- I LOVE eating dinner food in the morning and I really don’t like breakfast food for dinner. Seriously I would rather eat a bowl of pasta or soup at 7 in the morning than a bowl of cereal. I am definitely my mom’s girl! Also…my two favorite treats are black licorice toffee and a Dr Pepper (weird combo I know)!

4- I am kind of known as the “ICE BREAKER.” The reason for this title is kind of embarrassing…I am usually the first one to let a little toot out when we are with friends playing games. In other words making everyone else feel more comfortable to go ahead and do the same. It brings friendships to a whole different level!

5- Some things I like to do are: make cards, play games, read blogs, play with my kids, play soccer, talk with good friends and of course spend time with my wonderful husband! I also LOVE wrapping presents! I even dream about it. I know I know I’m a little nutty, but I really do love it, so if anyone needs a little help this Christmas give me a call I’d be happy to help!

6- I would love to go on a dream vacation to Tahiti some day! Hang out on the beach and watch the sunset…BEAUTIFUL! (someday)

That’s it for me, so here is a list of the people I am tagging: Mary Scoresby, Brit Bethers, Aleese Stewart, Crystal Hancey, Cami Groethe, and Ashlee Corrigan. YOU’RE IT!

p.s. Cici took her first 3 steps tonight walking from Frank to me! She’s such a cutie!


Sunny said...

Hey good job! YOu did it. I loved reading it. I can vouch for the "ice breaker" in you. I've experienced it first hand. I don't know about dinner food for breakfast. I had a roommate who would do that and it made me gag! Happy Thanksgiving! Love you lots!

Chelsea said...

HEY! I'm so glad you made a blog, and came to mine:) I think about you so much, and I actually tried to call you one day when Keri Vice told me about Cici. What a cute family you guys are! I am so happy for you, and glad I can feel "in-touch" through the blogging world! YEAH:)